Join us at New Zealand's iconic iINternational Raceway for some healthy cycling and help us raise funds for those in the community affected by COVID 19
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Together with the Franklin Local Board and the Franklin Youth Advisory Board Pukekohe Rotary Inc. contributed to the establishment of this wonderful facility for the youth of Pukekohe.   The park has been extremely popular with young skaters from the day it opened, which was on a hot sunny Sunday 17 December 2017.  It is understood that skate boarding is to become an Olympic sport, so who knows we could develop some Olympic champions.
The club arranged for the construction of the pergola and seating at the park and were assisted by the following:
  • Placemaker’s supplied the timber at $5,053.65 less a credit of $1,739.13.
  • Holmes and Brown built the pergola at no charge.
  • Farrell’s Nurseries supplied plants at $2,132.00 less a credit of $1132.00.
  • Chenery Memorial Trust contributed $2,768.35 towards the cost.
  • Graham’s Monuments supplied the plaque at no cost.
There was a delay with the supply of the steel posts for the pergola and the construction was finally completed on 2 May 2018.  Unfortunately not many of the plants supplied by Farrell’s survived due to dry weather and being run over by skate boarders.
 When Parkside School recently established a new Transition to Life Program for their young adult 18-21 year old students with significant disabling conditions to better integrate them into the community, they found themselves without a van to transport the students to their activities within the town.
Principal, Judith Nel was desperate to find a vehicle suitable for the task.   Pukekohe Rotary Club came to the rescue.  A project team was set up under President Elect Ross Beal in early 2015. Funds of $15000 were provided by the Pukekohe Rotary Inc. Charitable Trust, assisted with donations from the Harold Thomas Rotary Trust and the June Gray Charitable Trust. Rotarian Don Thompson used his connections within the car industry to source a suitable Hi Ace Van with 11 individual high-back seats   Michaela Radonich and colleagues at from SignMax Pukekohe assisted with the designed and production of the van’s signage.
At the official presentation in March 2016, Pukekohe Rotary President, Derek Hosking, commented that Pukekohe Rotary where delighted to be able to assist in such a worthy cause. “The Parkside project has been an excellent example of Rotary using its resources to capture local funding and business support, while also attracting donations from the wider Rotary community” said Derek.
In accepting the keys to the van Principal Judith thanked Rotary and everyone involved. “The Rotary van has been operational since early February and is already helping my staff maximise the student lives post- Parkside. It is allowing us to integrate them into activities such as work experience, recreational facilities, local businesses and all those places important for everyday living”.
The Weather Gods smiled for the 2019 Counties Cycle Classic run on Sunday October 13th by the Rotary Club of Pukekohe Inc.
A Helping Hand in our Local Community
Under the COVID-19 lockdown, many in our community can no longer access regular food supplies or afford them. Local organisations like Pukekohe Community Action (PCA) have been assisting with their Food Parcel program, but the extra demand is stretching them beyond available resources.
The Pukekohe Rotary Trust has donated $5000 to PCA to assist with the shortfall in funds to address the most immediate and urgent needs as we entered Level 4 lockdown.
This is a photo of Paul Brown, chairman of Pukekohe Community Action and Louise Le Fleming preparing food parcels that Rotary funded.  Louise is involved in the Seasons program of PCA.
Counties Cycle Classic
It is with regret that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rotary Club of Pukekohe Inc. can no longer hold its annual Counties Cycle Classic this year. We however look forward to next years event and urge you all to come along and join us once again.
Our regular meetings have had to adapt to the new lock down restrictions of COVID-19.
So we've moved from a physical to an online meeting format to ensure that the good work that Rotary is doing locally and internationally can continue through this period when social distancing makes physical meetings no longer practical.
This does however open up new opportunities to access the club and its members. If you are interested in joining a meeting as a potential club member or speaker, please contact us on our club email .
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