A Helping Hand in our Local Community
Under the COVID-19 lockdown, many in our community can no longer access regular food supplies or afford them. Local organisations like Pukekohe Community Action (PCA) have been assisting with their Food Parcel program, but the extra demand is stretching them beyond available resources.
The Pukekohe Rotary Trust has donated $5000 to PCA to assist with the shortfall in funds to address the most immediate and urgent needs as we entered Level 4 lockdown.
This is a photo of Paul Brown, chairman of Pukekohe Community Action and Louise Le Fleming preparing food parcels that Rotary funded.  Louise is involved in the Seasons program of PCA.
Counties Cycle Classic
It is with regret that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rotary Club of Pukekohe Inc. can no longer hold its annual Counties Cycle Classic this year. We however look forward to next years event and urge you all to come along and join us once again.
Our regular meetings have had to adapt to the new lock down restrictions of COVID-19.
So we've moved from a physical to an online meeting format to ensure that the good work that Rotary is doing locally and internationally can continue through this period when social distancing makes physical meetings no longer practical.
This does however open up new opportunities to access the club and its members. If you are interested in joining a meeting as a potential club member or speaker, please contact us on our club email rotaryclubofpukekohe@gmail.com .
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